Since its beginnings in December of 2014, Alabama Game Changers (AGCs) rapid growth has highlighted the huge existing need that is present in our community.  Over the last few years, this has necessitated both restructuring and growths of our Board to help us better achieve our mission and goals.

AGCs 2018 Board is currently an 7 Member Board focusing on adding members that bring much needed strengths to this current organization, especially as we focus in 2018/19 on splitting our Board in subcommittees of Program Operations and Financial.

Stephanie Denton, M.D. –  Medical Director/Co-Founder

Karen Belcher, B.S.N.  RN, CPN – Co-Founder

Calah Ray, O.D.

Fran Spina, RPh

Irene Grubbs, Esq.,  B.S. SLP

Stephen Ray, M.A. Ed.

Tiffany Borden, B.S. Ed.

Angela Fletcher, M.A. Ed. – Ex Offico Member


We are happy to have four of our Board Members to also serve on the Dyslexia Advisory Council – appointed by the State Board of Ed., which include:

  • Stephanie Denton, Tiffany Borden, Fran Spina, and Angela Fletcher

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