Alabama Game Changers strives to support the student and their family throughout their educational journey.

  • We have been in your shoes and we truly understand your desire to help your child succeed in school. Most importantly we are here for your intelligent hardworking children.
  • We truly believe that with the proper support, encouragement, and intervention that your child has the ability and gifts to succeed in ways that you can only imagine.

Many successful adult dyslexics will admit that they really

struggled during their educational careers especially

ones that were never diagnosed early.

Despite this, when they were asked if they could, would they want an adult life without dyslexia?

The answer so many said was “no”, because it was the gifts that came along with the dyslexia that made them so successful!

Support from Alabama Game Changers can occur in several formats.

  • Informational inquires and advice
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Specialized training workshops
  • Community based learning experiences
  • Advocacy Support: IEP/504 meeting attendance
  • Educational Literature
  • Connections to Parent Support Groups
  • Student focused workshops

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