Alabama Game Changers seeks to build an awareness of specific learning disabilities among educators, physicians and the community.

  • We equip our students and families with the information they need to advocate for themselves in the education system.
  • We also encourage self-advocacy among peers in order to decrease the social stigma that often accompanies misunderstood disabilities.


Whether your diagnosis was obtained through our organization or someplace else, we want to help answer questions and support your child’s journey through the educational system.

  • Most often, receiving a diagnosis is only the beginning of the journey.
  • Your dyslexic child has an amazing set of gifts or strengths that can propel them towards a successful career of their choosing.

Alabama Game Changers is actively engaged  in many  community organizations  centered around childhood literacy.   Starting out as original members of the “Voices for Dyslexia” Coalition, many of Alabama Game Changer’s core were part of  this early group of dyslexia supporters that successfully pursued educational  reform with regard to  Dyslexia in our state.

  • Many members of the Alabama Game Changers “family” still serve on the State Board of Education’s Dyslexia Advisory Council. This council continues to advocate and support dyslexics within our community and our schools.

Advocacy  Consulting Services currently offered by Alabama Game Changers are as follows:

Consultation Only

Goal:  Determine if your student fits the dyslexia profile based solely on an in-depth records review, examination of current schoolwork samples, and information shared by parent(s) in a face-to-face interview (approximately 90 minutes).  If so, recommendations for tutoring and common accommodations under RTI/PST will be provided.  ($60)

IEP/504 Education Consult

Goal: For students who have been found eligible and are currently receiving support/services with an IEP or 504 and parents want a better understanding in which to see if the current plan is appropriately meeting the needs of their student. Parents will need to provide any applicable school records, copies of IEP/504, progress data, and current schoolwork samples.  ($120)

IEP/504 Meeting Attendance

A dyslexia specialist to attend a meeting within a 30-mile radius of the Riverchase Galleria.  (price based on location to AGC’s representative, severity of need, and/or length of meeting)

Early Childhood (ages 4-6) Consultation – CTOPP, Short Report

Goal:  Determine if a child too young for diagnostic testing fits the dyslexia profile based on records review, examination of current schoolwork samples, information shared by parent(s) in a face-to-face interview, plus administer and score CTOPP (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing) to determine if your child fits the dyslexia profile and has weaknesses in the areas listed in the research-based definition of dyslexia.  Results of the CTOPP will be reviewed in a face-to-face meeting with parent(s), and they will receive a written report that lists the results, the conclusions, and recommendations for support.  ($250)

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