Alabama Game Changers (AGC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created to identify children and college students with learning differences such as Dyslexia (reading), Dysgraphia (writing), and Dyscalculia (math) in Alabama.

While there are many learning centers in the community, many do not address the overall needs of students with specific learning differences. There is currently a wealth of new knowledge stemming from ongoing research in this field of study.  It is one of Alabama Game Changer’s main focuses to help bring this new research-based information and methods of intervention to children with learning differences.

Alabama Game Changers is supported by both medical and educational professionals who are committed to helping individuals affected by these learning disabilities receive early identification, appropriate remediation, and assistance/advocacy.

Once a learning difference has been identified, parents/students receive

  • education about their diagnosis and
  • given instruction on how to obtain appropriate resources for the learning challenges ahead.
    • For example, with Dyslexia, we strive to connect them with experienced tutors educated in Orton-Gillingham based intervention across all areas of Alabama.

However, our services go beyond the initial identification and education. We also provide community learning opportunities and Dyslexia Simulation Experiences.  It is our goal to fully equip parents and students to become informed advocates.


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